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​​​​​​Affordable rental decor for weddings and parties.

Sweet Buffet Lady Rentals

Lifetime Folding Chair Covers

235 available -White Lifetime Folding Chair Covers - $1.50 each

400 available - Light Ivory Lifetime Folding Chair Covers - $1.50 each

50 available - Black Lifetime Folding Chair Covers - $1.50 each

(Wash & fold, will need to be ironed or steamed before use if desired) 

 ***Approximate measurements: Top to Bottom: 38", Chair Back: 18" wide at top / 24" wide at the seat area  x 18" tall, Chair Seat: 19" wide x 16" length, Chair Leg: 20" tall from ground, Bottom Circumference: 82"

Spandex Chair Covers ​

329 available - White Spandex Chair Covers - $1.50 each 

165 available - Black Spandex Chair Covers - $1.50 each 

​340 available  -  Light Ivory Spandex Chair Covers - $1.50 each 

​105 available - Charcoal Spandex Chair Covers - $1.50 each

Stretches 4 ways, flexible on the size.   Fabric has about a 66% stretch ability, which means a chair back of 15" wide stretches to a 25", so the types of chairs this can fit can range broadly. 
Sizing: stretches
chair back: 15" wide x  17" tall
Seat area:  15" x 16"
Legs: 15' tall

Banquet Chair Covers - $1.50 each 

(Wrinkle resistant but will need to be ironed or steamed before use if desired) -Approximate Measurements: Top to Bottom: 38"---Chair Back: 17" wide x 22" tall - Chair Seat: 18" wide x 19" length----Chair Leg: 18" tall from ground

300 available - Black polyester banquet chair covers

390 available - White polyester banquet chair covers

133 available - Ivory polyester banquet chair covers

          320 available - Light Ivory polyester banquet chair covers

***Linen items are washed, folded neatly .  

*****If desired, linens will need to be ironed/steamed before use.  I do not iron.      I wash all linens and I fold immediately when done from the dryer, the linens are a polyester, wrinkle free, stain free fabric.

Satin Universal Chair Covers - $1.50 each 

Fits most chairs 

Washed and folded right out the dryer

Wrinkle resistant but you can iron if desired 

395 available - White satin universal chair covers

400 available - Light Ivory satin universal chair covers

300 available - Black satin universal chair covers

140 available - Red satin universal chair covers

300 available - Gold satin universal chair covers

2 available - Black & White flocking damask chair covers

Chair Covers 

  • Universal satin chair covers
  • Banquet polyester chair covers
  • Lifetime polyester folding chair covers
  • Spandex chair Covers